GJD is the leading provider of external security systems in the UK and worldwide for security conscious homeowners.

If you are looking for a bespoke intruder surveillance solution for your residential property, GJD is a safe choice as we provide solutions based on the main concerns and priorities of a customer.

The Pearl sensor is well suited for residential properties as it can be positioned to look across windows, doors or even the entire length of a house or property wall.

GJD's TechSmart range of detectors and LED illuminators are perfect to convert your home into a smart home. For more information about TechSmart, please click here 

TechSmart products can be installed as stand-alone intelligent IP devices, allowing residential property owners to create smart customised actions to suit specific requirements.

TechSmart PIR detectors are suitable for the below applications:

  • Trigger lights and other smart devices when movement is detected
  • Send users an intruder notification
  • Control CCTV, providing alarms and camera movement
  • Setup LUX level events to operate blinds and curtains
  • Environmental temperature monitoing to help manage internal air conditioning and heating

TechSmart IP LED illuminators are suitable for the below applications: 

White/Visible Lights: TSWLM

  • To provide true colour camera images at night
  •  Deterrent/ security lighting
  • Courtesy lighting

Infra-Red lights: TSIRM

  • Covert lighting at night for CCTV systems
  • Provide a daytime black & white image at night
  • Longer range coverage than most integral IR