LX LoRa Connect

Ultimate long-range wireless integration system for perimeter security. Watch Video

Revolutionise your perimeter protection projects with the cutting-edge GJD LoRa System. Our innovative solution offers wireless, long-range and seamless integration, combined with unparalleled flexibility, and hassle-free installation, making it the perfect choice for various sector applications.

Say goodbye to complex cabling and infrastructure challenges – Embrace the future of external security with the GJD wireless LoRa System.


GJD1200 LX GateWay – Wireless central command hub

GJD1210 LX Speaker – Wireless high-volume speaker

GJD1220 LX I/O Module – Versatile third-party integration

GJD1230 D-TECT LX – High-Performance external wireless PIR

GJD1260 LX Walk Tester – Useful installation tool to assist setup

GJD1410 LX WL Illuminator – White-Light LED illuminator

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