GJD expands its Clarius Illuminator range

NEW Clarius Medium Hybrid IP IR/WL 'all in one' LED Illuminator

GJD, an Ava Group company, has today announced the launch of the new Clarius medium Hybrid IP IR/WL LED illuminator. The Clarius medium Hybrid IP combines advanced Infra-Red and White-Light LED technology in one unit for increased functionality and ease of installation.

All-in-one solution

The Clarius Hybrid provides Infra-Red light for monochrome night-time CCTV images, or White-Light for colour images. It is designed to smoothly integrate with IP cameras to provide event triggered lighting to illuminate and deter burglars.

Keith Fenwick, GJD’s Technical Director commented, “We already have a large Hybrid as part of our product range, and there was a big demand for us to release the medium to the market. Due to its versatility, the Hybrid is the preferred illuminator of choice for many professional security installers. Instead of having to choose between IR and WL, installers simply specify the Hybrid as it can easily be integrated into any security system. For example, it can provide covert Infra-Red to enhance CCTV footage, or bright White-Light as a visual deterrent”.

Adjustable settings via the GUI

Fully IP connectable, the Clarius Hybrid uses a remote user-friendly GUI. The installer can take complete control of the settings and programming at any time, from anywhere including power output, photocell sensitivity, and eco mode. If an intruder enters a restricted area on site, there is an option to activate the strobe function which provides an additional intruder deterrent.

Minimal light wastage

Another key feature is the interchangeable diffuser system with elliptical beam profiles. Allowing light to be delivered exactly where it is needed with minimal light wastage.

The new Hybrid illuminator also helps to prevent overexposure of foreground objects, this is especially useful for when the illuminator is integrated with CCTV.

Dedicated lighting for CCTV – keeps the camera free from insects and spiders

One of the common issues of using cameras with in-built IR lighting, is that the heat source attracts insects and bugs. A huge disadvantage of this is that the camera’s visibility is blocked, so the user can’t see the scene properly. For monitored CCTV systems, this will cause a high volume of nuisance activations, which will result in the camera being deactivated. To solve this issue, security installers will disable the internal camera LED’s and fit GJD’s Clarius illuminators, which will remove the heat source from the camera lens and provide brighter higher-quality images.

Designed with a robust anodised aluminium heatsink, the installer can be rest assured the Hybrid will last the test of time. It is IP66 rated for durability against harsh environmental conditions,  and has an IK09 impact protection rating.

The Clarius Hybrid is extremely versatile and offers security installers all the benefits of two illuminators, but in one unit. This reduces cabling, as well as minimises running costs and time spent on site.


Why use the Clarius medium Hybrid IP IR/WL illuminator?

  • Hybrid illuminator designed to provide dedicated lighting for IP cameras via PoE+
  • Illumination distances up to 101m (332’) (Infra-Red) and 68m (223’) (White-Light)
  • IP66 weatherproof rating and IK09 impact protection rating
  • CleanLITE self-cleaning lens coating technology
  • High quality anodised aluminium heatsinks
  • Direct integration with VMS systems
  • Built-in photocell on/off
  • Vibration/shock sensor
  • IEEE02af compliant
  • 5-year warranty
  • Integrated GUI


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