ATEX Certified External Active Infra-Red Detector for Hazardous Environments

GJD’s GS100 is an external ATEX approved Active Infra-Red (IR) Beam set. It is IP66 rated and provides long-range covert detection from 10m to 100m. It enables engineers to reliably protect hazardous areas where security is the highest priority and must comply with strict ATEX regulations.

Perimeter Protection for Hazardous Areas

The GS100 is designed to give an advance warning of intruder threats, and seamlessly integrates with CCTV and alarm annunciation equipment. It guarantees robust, reliable, and efficient performance in extreme environments, making it perfect for use within petrochemical and oil sectors, as well as industries where an explosion, flame, weather or dust proof housing is required.

Chris Moore, GJD’s Technical Product Manager commented: “The ATEX approved GS100 is an extremely reliable product, which is perfect for use in hazardous areas. It provides advance warning of potential intruder threats or safety breaches, providing total peace of mind to people on the site”.

Seamless integration with CCTV
One of the many benefits of the GS100 is that it can be used in association with alarm annunciation equipment, or other devices that provide a means of monitoring the voltage free relay alarm output, for example CCTV integration.

Fitted with dual beam technology, the GS100 is extremely reliable as both beams must be broken simultaneously to trigger an alarm or CCTV recording.

High Level Security Solutions
The GS100 incorporates high security ‘Asynchronous’, and ‘Synchronous’ beam set alignment, allowing multiple sets of beams to be installed on the same site, or stacked above each other for greater detection without cross interference. The GS100 also has a built-in bioptical beam transmission system to enhance the stability and reliability of the device.

Robust Design
Designed with a robust heat strengthened plate glass aperture, and an integral optional heater module, the detector avoids condensation build-up, which can affect the detection performance of some detectors. The GS100 is also fitted with a tamper switch, which activates if the cover is removed or if vandalism occurs.

Key Features
– ATEX approval for Group II Category 2 G Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous areas (gases)
– ATEX approval for Group II Category 2 D Zone 21 & Zone 22 Hazardous areas (dusts)
– Covert Infra-Red detection
– 100m beam range
– TX/RX beam set synchronisation and asynchronous connection
– Pulse modulated
– Heat strengthened plate glass aperture
– Tamper switch
– Bioptical beam transmission system
– Energy and cost efficient

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