Why now is the perfect time to upgrade your customers’ outdoor controlled security lighting

With the soaring cost of living and the nights getting darker, it is so important to make sure your customers’ properties are protected against theft and crime.

Peace of mind and increased safety

External security lighting is essential to deter intruders from entering or vandalising properties. Sufficient lighting ensures that intruders are reliably detected and clearly identified on CCTV. It is also used to illuminate dark spots around the property.

It is important to remember, that in addition to having controlled security lighting in areas where crime is high, security lighting is also crucial in areas with low crime rates, as it is common for more expensive homes and cars to be regular targets for theft and vandalism. With the cost-of-living rise and the festive season fast approaching, there are many more opportunistic burglars, so it is crucial to ensure your customers have sufficient and reliable security lighting.

  • Security lighting provides a clear field of view around the external area of the property, this makes it easy to see people who may be trespassing.
  • Security lighting makes it safe for people who are entering the property in the dark, as trip hazards will be reduced.
  • Smart timer functions can create an occupancy pattern, which will discourage burglars from targeting a property.
  • Security lighting makes people feel much more comfortable going outside when it is dark, or in the early hours of the morning.


Controlled Security lighting is perfect for a wide range of sectors including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. It is perfect for a variety of applications to illuminate the front of houses, driveways, roads, pathways, alleyways, and carparks.

Key Features


Lights can be set on and off via a timer, this is particularly helpful at deterring intruders, as homes which are unoccupied, or not displaying lights, are more likely to be burgled. GJD’s security lighting products use energy efficient technology, this means the end customer can keep costs as low as possible. Another key feature is the programmable functions, so the installer and end customer can easily program the controllers to function exactly how they need it to.

GJD’s security lighting systems will provide the end customer with an audible warning of potential intruders. Last but not least, GJD’s security lighting controllers can control up to four zones with one single control unit. This can be easily expanded to extend lighting with additional expansion units.

The end-user may benefit from reduced insurance costs.
Well-lit areas significantly reduce the chances of a break-in occurring.
Perfect to deter, detect and clearly identify intruders.
Energy efficient and cost effective.

GJD’s energy efficient security lighting systems enable the user to monitor, control and switch outdoor lighting for separate zones.

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