GJD continues to innovate through the pandemic

Throughout the lockdown, we at GJD have been keeping busy. Our team is diligently working to ensure we are able to offer the absolute best quality perimeter solutions for residential, commercial, and critical national infrastructure.

Despite the pandemic, our talented engineers have remained committed to coming up with new and innovative ways to maintain GJD’s top ranking standards.

One particular project that we are extremely proud of is the new GJD NETWORK Bridge. The GJD NETWORK Bridge creates a communication handshake using the ONVIF protocol between GJD IP enabled products and third party systems, making it easier than ever to share events in the form of inputs and outputs over the network.

National restrictions and the general uncertainty have made working at a distance a necessity. This means that having remote access and control through network connectivity is essential and is a much more intelligent and efficient way of monitoring your GJD security equipment on site.

The NETWORK Bridge is compatible with all GJD IP products such as IP motion detectors, IP laser sensors and IP LED illuminators. It allows these products to seamlessly connect and integrate with supported third party systems. Through an intuitive web browser interface, the GJD NETWORK Bridge easily discovers GJD IP products on the same network and supports up to 50 inputs and outputs to link up with other systems. For example, the GJD NETWORK Bridge can integrate with Avigilon’s video management software providing access to 50 I/O’s to receive alarms from our IP detectors or to control and turn on our IP illuminators and much more. Other CCTV systems are also compatible with the NETWORK Bridge.

We guarantee compatibility with the following GJD devices: D-TECT 2 IP, D-TECT 3 IP, D-TECT 50 IP, Laser-Watch, White Light IP Illuminator, Infra-Red IP Illuminators (850nm & 940nm) and our new Hybrid IP Illuminator.

Our ultimate goal is to make it easier than ever to connect and integrate your GJD products with other systems

Improving your overall experience and providing a better IoT integrated solution. It is crucial, in these uncertain times, to protect vulnerable, less-populated workspaces – or perhaps your home is your new workplace? It makes sense to crave safety and security, now more than ever.  Make this essential and straightforward upgrade to your security system now.

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