Add An Extra Layer of Covid-19 Security To Your Medical Practice Using This Speech Enunciator

There’s a reason why the signs haven’t disappeared even though the regulations are etched into our minds – they’re reminders.

As Covid-19 swept across the world, cautionary posters and signs shot up in its wake. We know it off by heart by now: wash your hands thoroughly, wear a mask, and stay 2 metres apart. However, there’s a reason why the signs haven’t disappeared even though the regulations are etched into our minds – they’re reminders.

It’s easy to make Covid-19 guideline mistakes

We were so used to living in a pre-pandemic world that safety precautions tend to slip our minds from time to time. This is especially true when we’re simply going about our daily tasks and we revert to a sort of “autopilot,” requiring little thought as we move.

But what happens when we forget to keep our distance, or our usual hand sanitiser routine slips our mind when entering and leaving premises?


What if we could change that?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a voice in our ear reminding us what precautionary measures to follow? Such a voice would eliminate the need for businesses to employ new staff whose sole task is to enforce regulations. It would drastically reduce needless contact between not only customers and visitors but also staff.

Considering all the benefits, it’s surprising we haven’t heard more automated audible devices used in establishments throughout the pandemic. They stand to save lives, prevent transmission of Covid-19, save money, time, and so much more. They can even create an air of professionalism and security, helping the visitor or customer feel at ease.


GJD provides the solution with the Multispeech – GJD090 – A smart speech enunciator

Our  Multispeech – GJD090 is a speech enunciator that’s quick and easy to install. It’s kitted out with an onboard microphone to make recording simple, but a 1V p-p line input can be used if needed.

The unit is multi-functional, meaning it’s suitable to be used as a welcoming, access control, warning, or cautionary device. As a 4 channel module, you’re able to record either 4 separate 30-second recordings or one 120 second message.

Better yet, the Multispeech – GJD090 is configurable to accept any normally open or normally closed input. That means the recording can be applied to any speaker or dialler that has a speech processor unit.

As you may have guessed, there are numerous locations where this technology could be useful. However, it appears to be a particularly indispensable asset for GP’s surgeries. Nowhere is it more important to minimise contact between people than in the surroundings of a place they visit when unwell. It’s here that the highest chance of spreading can occur. Moreover, immunocompromised patients tend to visit their GPs more often, meaning that a higher level of security and caution is necessary.


While vaccine rollouts occur worldwide, we can’t yet afford to loosen regulations or slack on preventive measures. Fitting our premises with reliable audio reminders is a fantastic way to ensure your business or practice maintains health & safety standards. And, once the need for reminders comes to an end, the device can be conveniently used for other tasks due to its multi-purpose nature.

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