Perimeter Security: Why Prevention is Best When It Comes To Homes & Businesses

For as long as we’ve known, the need to protect people, possessions and territory has been one of the main instincts of mankind. For the same reason, castles were surrounded by protective moats, and banks have sophisticated theft-prevention systems, but did you know that the same theory applies to all properties?

In reality, our homes, businesses, heritage sites and even airports are a lot more breach-able than we’d like to think. It takes a few taps and one click to find a slew of “lock picking” guides that crack the code to any lock. Windows? Breakable. Doors? Openable. Railings? Climbable. Truth be told, once a potential intruder has breached the perimeter of a property – they’re as good as inside.

All things considered, it’s no surprise that burglary is one of the most common crimes committed in the UK. Given the fact that one burglary takes place here every 108 seconds, we’d even wager that two burglaries will take place in the time it takes you to finish reading this blog. On average, The Office for National Statistics calculates each burglary costs £3,030, out of which £1,400 accounts for the property that is stolen or damaged – and that only applies to homes. The damages accrued to industrial, heritage, or commercial sites could skyrocket into the millions!

What can be done to protect our home and businesses?

A common misconception for many is that their security perimeter should be only installed along the actual structure of their home or site, however, at GJD we recommend that the perimeter should be at the property fence or boundary line and not just along the building’s structure. If you have established your perimeters along the building’s immediate exterior and the alarm goes off, this means the intruder is already inside of the premises.

Our perimeter security systems are designed to stop intruders in their tracks and we offer latest technology and detection systems that not only detect intruders at the perimeter of the property, but will also deter and displace them. What this means is that instead of a property staying silent during attempted burglaries, it has the ability to fight back. How? Once an intruder has breached the fixed perimeter, the security system is triggered to protect itself through the use of visual and audio alerts. Many GJD systems use strobe lights to not only alert the intruder to the fact they’ve been detected but also to disorientate and displace them. Some seasoned intruders may not be deterred by standard lighting, however, the power of strobe lights can lower visibility and even temporarily blind the intruder.

Even more effective still are voice commands – hearing a human voice that acknowledges your presence is enough to make any burglar flee from your property. Some systems such as GJD’s Multispeech4, a four-channel Speech Enunciator Module, even allow property owners to record 30-second audio clips of their choice to be played at their discretion. This means that their system can welcome, alert, warn, and even monitor access to the property. In essence, the multi-speech device is adept in placing the control back in the property owner’s hands when the uncontrollable happens.

To conclude

Security starts at the perimeter of our homes and businesses and we should all have peace-of-mind that our properties are safe and secure even without usmpresent. Contact your local GJD distributor to find the best solution for your property.

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