LX Speaker

LX Speaker (GJD1210)

Wireless high-volume speaker up to 10km range
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The LX Speaker is a key component of the GJD LX LoRa Connect system. It is a high-volume speaker, which features four channels with a built-in microphone for effective communication and intruder deterrent solutions.

Equipped with a 1-Watt audio amplifier, the LX Speaker delivers powerful sound output. The IP44 enclosure provides reliable sheltered outdoor use, ensuring durability and performance in various environmental conditions.

Key Features

  • 4 channels with built-in microphone for clear audio announcements
  • Available in black or white to suit requirements
  • IP44 enclosure for reliable sheltered outdoor use
  • Watt audio amplifier for powerful sound output


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IP44 Housing

Reliable sheltered outdoor use

1 Watt Audio Amplifier

Powerful sound output

Built-in Microphone

Clear audio announcements

Available in black and white

Choice of colours to suit aesthetic preferences