LX IO Module

LX I/O Module (GJD1220)

Versatile 3rd party integration with up to 10 km range, part of the LX LoRa Connect range
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In depth product detail

The LX I/O Module is an essential tool for professional security installers where a site needs seamless integration. Part of the LX LoRa Connect system, the I/O Module provides a wireless range of up to 10km, allowing for extensive coverage.

With one input and one output it offers optimal flexibility for diverse applications. It effortlessly integrates with over 100 third-party devices, enhancing its adaptability to various security systems.

Housed in an IP65-rated, high-impact ABS casing, the LX I/O Module ensures robust durability, making it a reliable choice for security installations.

Key Features

  • One input and one output providing versatility
  • Battery powered monitor/alerts for continuous operation
  • Seamless integration with 100+ third-party devices
  • IP65 high impact ABS housing for robust durability


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Robust Durability

IP65-rated high-impact ABS housing for durable and resilient performance in challenging environments

Seamless Device Integration

Supporting connectivity with over 100 third-party devices

Continuous Operation

Uninterrupted security with battery-powered monitoring, guaranteeing reliable alerts for sustained protection

Flexibility and Adaptability

Streamline your installations with a single input and output, providing versatility for diverse security applications


Remarkable 10km wireless range