GJD LX GateWay

LX Gateway – GJD1200

Wireless Central Command Hub, part of the LX LoRa Connect range
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The LX Gateway is the central command hub of GJD’s LX LoRa Connect system. It is a wireless receiver and CPU which provides a transmission range up to 10 km and can connect up to 500 devices, without the need for expensive data cables and logistical challenges.

Professional security installers can utilise the LX Gateway’s relay outputs and alarm inputs, providing reliable and customised solutions for specific project requirements. It provides easy and direct integration with IP to VMS, enabling PTZ control, automatic video recording, voice enunciation and object positioning.

Key Features

  • Up to 500 devices per Gateway
  • Transmission range up to 10 km
  • Local relay outputs and alarm inputs for enhanced control
  • PoE Powered and IP connectivity for seamless integration
  • Open API for effortless 3rd party integration
  • Supports existing GJD IP detectors and lights, optimising your current system

Flow Based User Interface
The LX LoRa Connect can be utilised to create fully customisable schedules for smart events, which can be programmed via the user-friendly web-based interface.

  • Quick setup, no software or installation needed
  • Provides flexibility as it enables users to adjust settings from anywhere, at anytime
  • User-friendly interface providing simple drag and drop interactions
  • Visual workflow providing users with a clear view of actions and triggers


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Cost effective deployment

Low installation cost, low maintenance cost and low operating cost

Cyber secure communication

Features secure end-to-end 128 bit AES encryption, mutual authentication and confidentiality

Features secure end-to-end 128 bit AES encryption, mutual authentication and confidentiality

Signals reflect off buildings and man-made obstacles and are still capable of travelling up to 10km

Long-range communication

External detectors, illuminators, speakers and other devices can operate over large distances, perfect when devices need to be spread across large areas


Devices can easily be added or removed from the network

Web based user-interface

Simplifies the intricate process of programming and commissioning devices, making it exceptionally user-friendly.