LX WL Illuminator

LX WL Illuminator (GJD1410) *Coming Soon*

White-Light Illuminator, part of the LX LoRa Connect range
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Part of the LX LoRa Connect range, the LX White-Light Illuminator is built with the highest quality Osram LEDs and an interchangeable lens diffuser system. It is designed to deliver bright and efficient lighting for enhanced visibility and effective intruder deterrent solutions.

With the interchangeable lens diffuser system, security installers can tailor the beam spread to provide precise focus and meet specific site requirements, this keeps light wastage to a minimum and provides an efficient intruder deterrent. The polycarbonate high transmission lens, featuring CleanLITE® technology ensures minimum maintenance and consistent performance.

Key Features

  • Osram LEDs with an elliptical optical system for bright and efficient lighting
  • Polycarbonate high transmission lens with CleanLITE® technology, reducing maintenance
  • Interchangeable elliptical beam diffuser system providing precise light focus for all security requirements
  • Robust high-quality black anodised aluminium extrusion, ensuring durability even in tough conditions


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Energy Efficient

Low power consumption and long-life

Self Cleaning Lens

CleanLITE coating technology to keep lens clear and bright

Elliptical Beam Profiles

Enables more light to be delivered precisely where it is needed, improving distances and minimising light wastage


Extensive site security coverage