Laser-Watch® – GJD515

Surveillance at the speed of light. With a range of up to 500m, the Laser-Watch is the perfect option for precision surveillance
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Laser-Watch® - GJD515

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A single ended laser detector using powerful emitters and precision optics to cover up to 500m. The laser uses time of flight (ToF) analytics to ascertain where the beam was crossed, with 20 configurable zone of any size, each zone can trigger specific events via IP. For example, sending a PTZ camera to the preset relating to the triggered zone, or to ignore an area such as a roadway where traffic needs to be ignored. PoE powered and able to integrate with a range of IP cameras and surveillance systems.

Includes a visible targeting laser and telescopic sight mount for setup. Ideal for fence line intrusion detection, port entrances, critical infrastructure applications. Significantly more reliable than buried cable type perimeter detection systems.

Eye safe invisible infrared laser pulses are emitted from the sensor at 400 Hz. If an object appears in the line of sight it will generate reflections; which the sensor detects. IP connectivity and very low power.

The sensor analyses the reflected light and calculates the location of any object with high accuracy. Laser-Watch can detect up to 500m and up to 20 independent alarm zones can be programmed.

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GJD515 Laser-Watch 500m laser sensor

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