D-TECT 3 IP - GJD260

30m Dual Tech IP Motion Detector

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The D-TECT 3 IP is an internet protocol connected dual tech detector that combines PIR and microwave sensors along with advanced signal processing and unique optical systems.

The detection beam range can be programmed to 30 metres, avoiding boundary overspill and making it particularly effective for perimeter detection.

Using Power over Ethernet and IP communication, the D-TECT 3 IP supports direct integration with all major VMS and camera systems, while keeping the installation just as easy as setting up an IP camera.

Download the latest firmware updates for GJD's IP range here

Supported VMS Software

AXIS, Milestone, Genetic, Mirasys, Wavestore, Network Optic, Bosch, SeeTec, Concept Pro, Embsec, QNAP, Griffid, Kentima, Qulu, M2M VX Pro, Hikvision

Supported Cameras for Direct Control

AXIS, LILIN, Hikvision, Dahua, Sony, Ernitec, Bosch, Genie, Mobotix

Support Home Automation Software

Control 4, RTI, Crestron, Lutron, URC, Rako


To receive the API documents for this product please email sales@gjd.co.uk

D-TECT 3 IP Detector 10.587GHz
D-TECT 3 IP Detector 10.525GHz
D-TECT 3 IP Detector 9.9GHz
D-TECT 3 IP Detector 9.35GHz
D-TECT 3 IP Detector 10.41GHz
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