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Elevate your security installations with GJD's comprehensive lighting analysis and report

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Security installers – Impress your customers with professional lighting reports.

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What we offer
At GJD, our team of lighting design specialists collaborates closely with you to understand your unique site needs. We customise our services to precisely align with the requirements of your security project, ensuring a tailored and personalised approach.

1. Visualise & plan with precision
Our CAD technology brings your project to life, showing realistic light levels that will be achieved on-site.

2. Professional illumination reports
Detailed LUX level reports ensure compliance and help you optimise lighting for your customers – Additionally, a great tool for installers to show end-customers how the final installation will look.

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GJD lighting design service


Precision Planning

Utilise GJD's experts and CAD technology for accurate placement of LED illuminators, ensuring customer satisfaction and the highest levels of security

Professional Reports

Receive detailed LUX level reports for compliance and impress customers with anticipated installation outcomes

Efficient Installation

Streamline the planning proccess with illumination mapping, optimising security focal points for effective security coverage

Tailored Support

Collaborate with GJD's illumination experts for customised lighting solutions, enhancing end-customer satisfaction and results