D-TECT Laser - GJD500

Motion sensor up to 25m

D-TECT Laser is a laser safety device indicated for the creation of “virtual tents” and security surveillance zones. D-TECT Laser can be set with an accuracy of 10cm and offers the highest accuracy for reliable intrusion detection. 


Monitoring of pedestrian access points and driveways 

Perimeter protection and intrusion detection 

Protection of works of art 

Protection against theft and vandalism 

Protection of open access areas 


Three red laser beams can be projected to align the sensing surface and change the tilt and rotation angle 

Self-learning function of environmental conditions with automatic adjustment of the sensing surfaces. 

Remote control to set customizable parameters with maximum simplicity 

To receive product specifications, please email madeline.horth@gjd.co.uk


D-TECT Laser 5m x 5m
D-TECT Laser 10m x 10m
D-TECT Laser 25m x 25m
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