Nu-Fire choose D-TECT Dual Tech Movement CCTV Detectors for the RRG Toyota

The specialist security installation company Nu-Fire & Security Ltd. have chosen the D-TECT Dual Tech as part of a BS8418 compliant CCTV system for a new RRG Toyota Car Dealership.

D-TECT Dual Tech - Case Study Image

A total of 19 D-TECT detectors were installed, which was a mix of D-TECT 2 Quad PIRS and D-TECT X Wireless Quad PIRs.

The advanced features of the D-TECT range of BS8418 compliant PIR, ‘Dual Tech’ and wireless external movement detectors, which include a unique signal processing and optical system plus the front and back tamper switches, were crucial factors in Nu-Fire choosing D-TECTs for this BS8418 compliant monitored CCTV system. These detectors are able to capture many more genuine threats than other external detectors, while virtually totally eliminating false and nuisance alarms. When these wired or wireless detectors are triggered, they can individually, or simultaneously, control and activate CCTV cameras, security lights, DVRs, autodialers and virtually any low-voltage switching device. The D-TECT X  Dual Tech wireless detector also has an impressive line of sight range of up to 500 metres.

Nu-Fire’s Sales Manager, Jason Sunderland, commented:
“We were really impressed that our engineers found the D-TECT detectors so easy to install and our client RRG were also particularly impressed with the aesthetics of the units on their building”.

Jason also said that the favourable customer reaction to these GJD detectors means that many more future installations have been specified using the D-TECT Dual Tech range, including installations on other car dealerships in the coming months.