This short range automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera comes loaded with flexible features that give it a wide-ranging use case
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Product overview

Identify exactly who is driving around your property

Infrared technology

Capture crisp infrared images of retro-reflective number plates, even in low light

GORE™ valve

This provides pressure equalisation and moisture expulsion, keeping the camera functional in any conditions

Adjustable capture range

Customise your capture range from between 5-25m, to ensure you're capturing number plates in exactly the right places

In depth product detail

The compact and lightweight range of Clarius ANPR Cameras use the latest LED technology to deliver a new standard of plate reading. The cameras have been designed to be efficient, economic and technically appealing to installation engineers. Using the latest Sony sensor technology for noise reduction and infrared sensitivity, the Clarius cameras capture crisp infrared images of retro-reflective number plates. The overview camera module captures corresponding contextual images of vehicles both in daylight and in challenging light conditions.

The Clarius’s two internal camera modules are fitted with motorized zoom lens giving flexibility of capture range from 5-25m making it suitable for access control at site entrances or for gantry mounting scanning high-speed traffic.

With a 2MP sensor and a resolution of 1920 x 1080P, the camera provides wide lane ANPR coverage of up to 7m.

The lightweight cameras utilise a polycarbonate front cover fitted with removable IR diffusers for use at read distances of less than 17m. The diffuser spreads the beam of IR light into a elliptical format which then evenly illuminates the whole field of view resulting in much better ANPR performance.

A GORE™ valve for pressure equalisation and moisture expulsion complement the Clarius advanced technical design features.

Perfect for:

– Highway traffic
– Free-flow parking control
– Site security control & monitoring
– Barrier/access control
– Mobile ANPR

Product Codes
AI-8S Clarius HD Dual Zoom ANPR/IP MX Camera 850nm
AI-9S Clarius HD Dual Zoom ANPR/IP MX Camera 940nm
AI-8S-P Clarius HD Dual Zoom ANPR/IP PoE MX Camera 850nm
AI-9S-P Clarius HD Dual Zoom ANPR/IP PoE MX Camera 940nm

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