This anti-masking motion detector provides a versatile motion detection solution that works up to 50 metres, offering excellent resistance to false alarms
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The D-TECT 50 AM is a BS8418 compliant, PIR external movement detector with anti-masking sensing, which can be used for intruder monitoring, CCTV surveillance and other alarm warning requirements.

The detector’s PIR dual technology anti-mask sensing module is equipped with one N/O and one N/C volt-free contact. It boasts a programmable beam range of up to 50 metres, which avoids boundary overspill and offers a truly exceptional resistance to false alarms.

No other movement detectors are more versatile or offer such a wide range of features to enhance the detection of threats and significantly reduce the incidence of false alarms.

Product Codes
GJD359 D-TECT 50 Anti-Mask

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