GJD IP detection solution protects AAA Coaches from intrusion

As part of a security upgrade from analogue to IP technology, AAA Coaches, a luxury coach and bus hire company based in Edinburgh, required a reliable IP security detection solution to protect their large open site perimeter. iFire UK, a family run business who are one of the leading installers of intruder alarms, fire alarms, CCTV and access control systems in Scotland, partnered with GJD and its local ADI Edinburgh branch, to provide a high quality IP system for AAA Coaches.



AAA Coaches required external IP motion detectors to protect the perimeter and integrate with Hikvision cameras. The site included a variety of perimeters including fences and walls, as well as pedestrians and vehicles entering freely.

The security solution had to be suitable for harsh weather conditions, while being extremely reliable, with no false alarms. The new system also had to be low maintenance and cost efficient.iFire UK


iFire UK took all of AAA Coaches requirements into consideration and found the perfect solution with GJD’s D-TECT40 IP motion detectors. The D-TECT IP range seamlessly integrates over the network with Hikvision I series and K2 series NVRs. On this particular project, the I series was used to configure the IP detectors, so that when triggered by movement, the detectors automatically send a signal to alert the monitoring station.

In addition to integrating with Hikvision, the D-TECT40 IP provided the site with a precise detection pattern and strong immunity to false activations. The IP detector settings can be changed remotely via the interface. Adjustable settings include the ability to alter the LUX level trigger, detection sensitivity and detection range.

By using GJD’s IP based detectors, iFire created a futureproof site. The detectors enable the installer to create new actions and adjust settings over the network. Accessing the interface is quick and easy, with no requirements for additional installation or software, as the user simply logs in through a web address.


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The D-TECT40 IP has a programmable detection range up to 40m, making it really easy to adjust the coverage if required. On the AAA Coaches site, iFire made the best out of the programmable detection feature, by setting the range at a variety of distances including 20m, 30m and 40m.

As well as creating IP event actions, an extra feature is the two volt free relay contacts, which allows the installer to connect devices that are not on the network. The D-TECT IP also utilises a single cabling point, which reduces the number of fittings and makes the install look neater.

David Boyle, Director at iFire commented: “A number of D-TECT40 IP detectors have successfully been installed. Our customer, AAA Coaches is really impressed with their performance, this has resulted in additional GJD IP detectors due to be added on to the network

David continued to say: “The installation was straightforward and it was really convenient to adjust the settings over the network. The ability to make changes over the network reduced physical site visits for our engineer, this resulted in significant cost savings to our company”.

Karen Chapman, Assistant Branch Manager at ADI Edinburgh said: “We are delighted that we could help iFire UK provide a high quality IP solution for AAA Coaches”.


The use of GJD IP detectors with Hikvision’s NVR and cameras have provided AAA Coaches with a seamless IP perimeter protection system.