Hazardous Areas

Gases and dusts can form explosive atmospheres with air. GJD provides detection products that offer truly reliable detection for hazardous and hostile environments.  

GJD’s ATEX approved Infra-Red Beam Set (GS100 ), is designed to be used in association with alarm annunciation equipment, or other devices that provide a means of monitoring the voltage free relay alarm output, for example CCTV integration. The GS100 is explosion proof, provides covert detection and is range programmable up to 100m. Click here for more information about the ATEX IR beam.

GJD’s Laser-Watch has many key features which are useful of hazardous applications including a detection range up to 500m, 20 alarm zones configurable to within 10cm and heavy duty housing. The Laser-Watch delivers utmost precision, regardless of lighting or weather conditions. Click here for more information about the Laser-Watch.

The ATEX IR Beam Set and Laser-Watch can be used for the following sectors, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Electricity, Nuclear and Chemical Factories


  • Perimeter security detection
  • Entrance and exit monitoring
  • Protection of key areas
  • Intrusion detection of people and vehicles
  • Early identification of any threats
  • Detection under hostile & hazardous conditions
  • Long distance safety
  • Areas with harsh weather conditions