How to keep insects and spiders away from your CCTV cameras🕷🕸

Insects and bugs love CCTV cameras with built-in Infra-Red illumination, due to its inviting heat source

One of the huge disadvantages of spiders, insects and bugs setting up home on CCTV cameras is that the camera’s visibility is blocked, so the user can’t see the scene properly.

For monitored CCTV systems, this will cause a high volume of nuisance activations, which will result in the camera being deactivated.

To solve this issue, security installers will disable the internal camera LED’s and fit GJD’s Clarius Infra-Red or White-Light LED illuminators, which will remove the heat source from the camera lens and provide brighter higher-quality images.

In addition to this, our external D-TECT motion detectors are the preferred solution to reduce false alarms, as they are not affected by bugs, fog, mist, and other outdoor elements.

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