About TechSmart®







Introducing GJD’s TechSmart® range

“Combining GJD Perimeter Security with Home Automation”


Professional home automation solutions that now combine GJD’s iconic IP enabled detectors and illuminators with smart home technology.

GJD’s TechSmart® range provides even more technology integration options for the Custom Integrator. TechSmart is easily integrated with existing home automation and building management systems.

TechSmart products can also be installed as stand-alone intelligent IP devices, allowing residential property owners to create smart customised actions to suit specific requirements.


TechSmart is Control 4, Crestron and RTI ready. 


Key features

Cutting edge smart technology to protect you, your property and your belongings. Connecting the outside world to your home. TechSmart’s accurate perimeter motion sensors and LED illuminators, along with their integrated Lux and ambient temperature transmitters provide early intruder warning and environmental data to create actions and alerts based on programmed automation rules.

TechSmart® technology assists home energy management by providing enhanced and efficient lighting and temperature control – helping to save energy and costs.

Product Availability 

TechSmart® is distributed exclusively by Invision, which is the UK's leading specialist distributor of market leading technology for today's automated Smart Home. If you would like to place an order, please email sales@invisionuk.com or call +44 (0) 1359 270280.

Invision website: http://invisionuk.com/