GJD Partnership with E-Bound AVX Limited knows no boundaries

GJD formed a strategic alliance with E-Bound AVX Ltd last year and the partnership has grown from strength to strength.

E-Bound AVX specialises in roof alarm protection for Churches and Heritage properties throughout the UK. Earlier this year they were asked to commission a security system for a listed building, situated on a public road and part of the Oxbridge University campus.

E-bound approached GJD who supplied their innovative D-TECT Laser, a specially designed 4 layer, laser scanner for perimeter protection and intruder detection.
More advanced security systems are being developed as a solution to the growing issue of theft of lead and copper from church roofs and Heritage sites. For criminals keen to cash in on the high price of scrap metals, places of worship often make an obvious target. 2011 was the worst year on record for the number of metal theft claims from churches. Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc, which insures over 96% of the country’s Anglican churches, received more than 2,600 metal theft claims
from churches by the end of that year.

The lead and copper that is stolen from church roofs, not only damages the property, but also greatly affects the heritage and historical value of the building and can often lead to wider implications for the building such as water damage.

GJD detectors are specifically designed to detect and deter intruders before any damage is caused. Following the alliance between GJD and E-Bound, over 500 roof security systems have already been installed into churches and heritage sites throughout the UK. The results speak for themselves: recent figures released from Ecclesiastical recorded 930 metal theft claims in 2012, in contrast to 2,600 in 2011.

In monetary terms the cost of claims fell from £4.5m in 2011 to £1.8m in 2012, representing a 65% reduction drop in claims since security detectors have been fitted on churches.

Key benefits of the D-TECT Laser:-

  •  Highly accurate and configurable into 2 detection zones
  • Available in 3 versions: 25m x 25m, 10m x 10m & 5m x 5m
  • Capacity to detect or ignore objects in mm-range and with a remission factor down to 2%
  • Covert operation: the LED display can be switched off with the remote control
  • 4 adjustable sensing curtains to provide alarm & pre-alarm warning
  • High immunity to environmental interference using dedicated time of flight software
  • Discreet design with optional black or white housing
  • IP65, indoor or outdoor applications Unit