Complete Clarity with Clarius® PLUS

GJD recently launched the Clarius PLUS range of Infra-Red and White-Light LED illuminators, which are specially designed for the professional CCTV market and security critical applications.

Interchangeable lens

Introduction to Clarius Plus

Features include an interchangeable lens diffuser system, the very latest dual core LEDs and green technology to deliver an exceptional security lighting solution. Keith Fenwick, CCTV Lighting Director at GJD said: “Clarius PLUS lighting significantly enhances CCTV images and allows users to monitor activity in chosen areas without compromising on quality.”

Clarius PLUS operates from low voltage 12-24V dc / 24V ac and come with an interchangeable lens diffuser system to deliver angles of 10º, 30º, 60º, 80º and 120º, this is one of the biggest benefits as it provides a quick and user-friendly method to alter the angle of illumination, a great feature to help with unexpected conditions when onsite.

Clarius Medium PLUS VM Image


Elliptical beam profiles allow for significantly more light to be delivered precisely where it is required, this provides longer illumination distances, significantly minimised light and energy wastage as well as overexposure prevention of foreground objects.

Keith Fenwick continued to comment: “Clarius illuminators work in conjunction with any CCTV system and the light can be perfectly matched to the CCTV camera to deliver high quality light throughout the day and night in order to provide crystal clear image quality.”

Each Clarius illuminator operates with the very latest surface mount dual core LEDs. Key benefits include ultra-clear night images matched with enhanced optical output, high power, reliability and low running costs. The innovative system also helps to prevent overexposure of foreground objects.

Designed with flexibility in mind, it can be mounted to walls, poles and many other applications. The extremely flexible design allows the user to accurately match the angle of illumination with the security system, making it suitable for both wide and narrow applications.

Green technology features including telemetry input for remote control and switching, built-in photocell and low power consumption to deliver energy and cost savings.

The innovative product also has a vandal resistant impact rating of IK09 and can withstand harsh weather conditions, proved by its IP66 weather proof rating.

All of GJD’s Clarius PLUS illuminators are provided with a five year warranty, with a projected working life of over ten years.

CleanLITE® Coating Technology
The Clarius range of Infra-Red and White-Light LED illuminators are manufactured with GJD’s unique CleanLITE® coating technology. This is a hydrophobic layer, which instantly repels water and other liquids to ensure the Clarius PLUS remains clean and virtually dirt free.

When dirt and dust come into contact with the Clarius CleanLITE® coated front cover, water quickly flushes it away. The water is instantly repelled by the coating and the dirt is attracted to the water, which then simply rolls away.

Even under extreme conditions like constant high pressure spray, the CleanLITE® layer maintains its hydrophobic characteristics.

Lighting Design Service
GJD offer free site surveys and free lighting design applications. This service ensures customers receive a high quality service that is second to none. It also provides knowledgeable advice about the most appropriate security lighting for specific projects. Feedback from consultants and installers about these services has been extremely positive.       

More information

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