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GJD and Basson CCTV “Turn on the Daylight”

The new joint GJD/Basson system operating between 20 and 30 D-TECT’s at each site works perfectly and has entirely eliminated our previous problems

In a project designed to protect three garden centre sites in Kent covering a large land area, GJD’s D-TECT X wireless sensor combined with Basson Trade CCTV camera equipment provide ahighly efficient and cost effective solution to a problem that had plagued owners for some considerable time.

Commenting on the background to the project and its eventual resolution, PolHill Garden Centre Operations Manager Mark Novell stated: “Our original equipment was far from satisfactory and frankly ineffective.  The sensors tended to “miss” or ignore intruders and the images we acquired from cameras during the night were hopelessly inadequate. After much searching I came across Basson Trade CCTV and GJD who assured me that working in concert they would be able to totally eliminate our problems.  To quote Martin Mc’Cormick of Basson Trade CCTV, “When we have completed our work it will be like turning the daylight on at night.”  I’m delighted to report that he was 100% accurate, the new joint GJD/Basson system operating between 20 and 30 D-TECT’s at each site works perfectly and has entirely eliminated our previous problems”.

Commenting on the project and the equipment installed Rob Bullen of Basson stated: “It was clear from our initial assessment of the sites that the client was unable to acquire the level of security coverage necessary with the equipment he had installed.  Detectors frequently failed to trigger when intruders were present and captured images were dull and fuzzy at best.  Fitting our IRB2-84VHQ and BVHQ units transformed the images available to view and record.  Night time intruders were able to be clearly identified on every occasion they entered any of the sites and remedial action immediately initiated.”

Greg Stuttle, Business Development Manager of GJD added: “We agreed at the outset to install our GJD wireless sensors to provide the correct degree of “capture” together with ease of installation and set-up, reliability of operation, and longevity of life.  The difference between these units and those originally fitted is significant.  To quote Mark Novell: “I can now sleep at night secure in the knowledge that if an intruder enters any of our sites they will, without doubt, be detected and recorded.”  Our client is clearly delighted with the solution we have jointly provided to and we are just as pleased that we have been able to assist him.”

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