Dual PIR detector technology cuts nuisance activation’s by 85%

The results speak for themselves and have led to Advanced Independent Monitoring (AIM) now actively and extensively promoting our D-TECT 3 PIR Detector units.

In a project designed to protect three garden centre sites in Kent covering a large land area, GJD’s D-TECT X wireless sensor combined with Basson Trade CCTV camera equipment provide ahighly efficient and cost effective solution to a problem that had plagued owners for some considerable time.

Mark Tibbenham, MD of Lancashire based company GJD reported enthusiastically on experiences with Advanced Independent Monitoring (AIM), who recently evaluated the performance of GJD’s D-TECT 3 dual technology PIR Motion Sensor unit.

Mark commented, “We are delighted to witness the outcome of these carefully controlled trials, which compared the performance of similar units provided by other manufacturers. The results speak for themselves and have led to Advanced Independent Monitoring (AIM) now actively and extensively promoting our D-TECT 3 PIR Detector units in many applications.”

Jamie Fretwell of AIM commented: “It was identified that in order to reduce the level of nuisance activations received in our Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC), we needed to review the external detection technology supported by AIM.

Although traditional PIR only products had proven very successful over the years we found that a great deal of resource was involved post installation within the RVRC resolving activity issues. The typical issues we observed from PIR only products included high levels of nuisance alarms from poor site maintenance i.e. foliage and litter, wildlife and direct sunlight.

We decided to evaluate a number of dual technology external CCTV detectors, including the GJD D-TECT 3 PIR motion sensor which incorporated both PIR and microwave sensors. As part of our evaluation we identified a number of existing customers who experienced high levels of nuisance activations due to the common issues mentioned previously. The existing PIR Sensor detection was adjusted and the performance evaluated for 14 days before replacing the device with a dual technology external PIR detector. The best improvement we saw during our evaluation was an 85% reduction in alarms when comparing PIR to dual technology, which is a significant improvement in terms of performance. Following on from this evaluation AIM now actively promotes the use of dual technology detectors, such as the D-TECT 3 PIR motion sensor to all our independent installation companies.”

By utilising new technology such as this it is possible to reduce the level of activity within the RVRC, which will ultimately make monitored CCTV more cost effective by reducing the labour required to support each site.”

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